Pretty Sunflower Hardware - A 10 Minute Furniture Makeover #ad

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Do you have a dresser that you love, but you just aren't quite satisfied with it? That was me when I looked at the curlicue dresser I redid for my daughter's room. Do you remember how I transformed a dark stained triple dresser to a light and bright gray and white dresser with a curlicue pattern? I loved how it fits into her room--the curlicues gives it so much whimsy, which fits into the butterfly and fairy theme. There was only one thing that I wished I had done differently: the hardware. I stripped the hardware and gave it a rustic faux enamel look with chalk paint, but it wasn't nearly as light and bright as I wanted it to be.

So this weekend, my husband and I took 10 minutes and completely changed the look!  How? By changing out the knobs!

This is perfect for you if you're looking to quickly change the look of a piece, especially when you don't want to invest the time to change the finish (or you like the finish, you just want a different vibe).

Please note: I received the hardware I used to remake this dresser for free from D. Lawless Hardware. However, I love this hardware, and it works perfectly for my daughter's room. All opinions are my own. 

D. Lawless Hardware sells all kinds of hardware - knobs, hinges, and so on, but these little sunflower knobs caught my eye. 

I'm a firm believer that every finish has it's place. Oil rubbed bronze is classy, and brass is having it's day. But the brass knobs I had on this curlicue dresser just didn't catch the light like I wanted for my little girl's room, and it definitely didn't have the sense of whimsy I wanted. 

These little sunflower knobs are a brushed satin silver, but they really catch the light more than I expected. 

Do you see how much they shine? I love them! If you're looking to change out your hardware, here's a couple of tips:

1. If you're changing out like for like (single screw knobs for knobs), it really is a 10 minute job. Maybe less, if you're not changing out 18 knobs.

2. Make sure you have the correct type of screwdriver.

3. Make sure the bolts (screws) are long enough for the cabinet or drawer face. It's not hard to find other screws, but if you have to run to the hardware store, it's not a 10 minute job any more.

4. Make sure the bolts (screws) are compatible with the knob. If you have to buy longer screws, make sure they work with your knobs.

How amazing this sunflower knob adds so much more light!


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