Easy Chalky Monogram Art

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Do you love monograms? What about chalk (or chalky) paint?

Right around Christmas time, I snapped up some big particleboard monogram wood circles for a song because they were "Christmas clearance" at my local craft store. 

I knew I could make something super cool for my twin daughters' room that had nothing to do with Christmas. I don't know if it's because I've lived in the south for so long (over 30 years now ya'll), or if it's because identical twins makes monograms almost a must...but I'm really into personalizing their room with their initials. I mean, this is the second project in their room makeover that I've shared that involves monograms...I just monogrammed some pillows for them! But hey, if it's monogrammed, they can't argue about to whom it belongs, even if they try to pass themselves off as each other....

Anyway, this project is super easy. Basically, you need just a few tools:

2 colors of chalky finish paint for each letter
Wax compatible with your chalky finish paint
Separate brushes for paint and wax
Fine grit sand paper.

This is super easy! Paint on one color of paint. You may need a couple of layers of paint to get good coverage. Allow to dry between coats. 

Then, paint with the other color, repeating coats as necessary to get good coverage. For one monogram, I did pink and purple, and for the other, blue and white.Then sand smooth, allowing some of the base color to show through the top color. 

Wax the letter, and when dry, buff to your desired sheen. 

And really, that's it. Enjoy!

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