Easy Chewbacca Cupcake Tutorial - Perfect Star Wars Dessert

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Howdy folks!! Man, it's been a long time since I've posted a recipe or tutorial. Part of why I've been MIA is that I've been prepping for the twins' birthday party. They  wanted a Star Wars birthday party, and they wanted to feature their favorite character: Chewbacca. I've made it clear that I'm no expert cake decorator, but even my limited skills can change some simple store bought cake mix and canned frosting into amazing Chewbacca cupcakes that will make any Star Wars fan happy!

It's perfect for May the Fourth, a Star Wars Birthday, or maybe a marathon viewing of all 7 episodes!

Here's what you need:
Cupcakes from a cake mix (follow box directions/ingredients to make), cooled.

2 cans for chocolate frosting/icing (I used Pillsbury Chocolate Marshmallow)
Chocolate sprinkles (also known as chocolate Jimmies), about 12 oz
Approximately 50 Mini marshmallows\
Approximately 75 semi-sweet chocolate chips

Special tools:
Pastry/icing bag with half-star tip (or similar tip that will create a flat ribbon of icing)
Shallow dish

Okay, are you ready for this super simple tutorial?

Here's what you do:

Generously spread the frosting over the top of the cupcake so that all exposed cake is covered down to the  cupcake liner.

Pour a generous amount of sprinkles into a shallow dish. Roll the frosted portion of the cupcake on the sprinkles until the frosting is well covered with sprinkles. This step was handled by my eight-year-old!

Place 2 chocolate chips flat side up next to each other for eyes. Place one more chocolate chip under the "eyes" with the flat side of the chip pointing toward the eyes. This is your nose.

See, it's already got a marked resemblance to Chewie!

Place some icing in your icing bag/tool. Using the half-star tip place a band of frosting diagonally from about the middle right side of the cupcake to the middle bottom. This is the start of the bandolier. Cut 2 mini marshmallows into fourths crosswise. Apply around 6-8 onto the "bandolier".

And that's it! Easy Chewbacca cupcakes. Enjoy!

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