Easy Flower and Heart Headbands

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My girls are so excited for Valentine's Day!! To them, it's a fun holiday full of red, purple, and pink hearts and and excuse to dress up a little. And since each of my girls loves a special hair accessory, I thought that they would enjoy an early Valentine's Day gift from me: Valentine-themed hairbands

These are super simple. If you can operate a glue gun, you can make these! I used mod melts, mod melt molds, and hot glue to create one-of a kind hairbands for each girl! They love them.

Here's what you need (affiliate links included for your convenience):
Satin-wrapped hairbands (I found them at pickyourplum.com)

Mod Melts (I used red glitter, red, pink, gold, and purple)
Mod Melt molds (I used Trinkets, Flowers, and Royal Icons)

Hot glue gun (I have one for the mod melts and one for hot glue, but I'm hard core like that. You can use just one, as long as you make sure that you have the right size to be compatible with both.)
Hot glue sticks

Using a hot glue gun, fill the molds that involve flowers and hearts. Allow to cool.

Hot glue them onto the headbands. I have found that it's better to put them off to the side instead of centering them. 

I started by putting a large flower cabouchon on and then placing hearts around it.

I love how they turned out!

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