Verdigris Pumpkins - A Beautiful Patina Look for Fall

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How to make patina copper pumpkins....

Do you look at craft & DIY bloggers and wonder if they ever walk away from a project in complete disgust? Well, I'm here to tell you...we do. A lot. But most of the time, we come back to the project. We don't completely discard the project (which is why many of our craft rooms belong on Hoarders)...we just come back to it with a fresh mind, a fresh attitude and a fresh idea!! Last year, I had a great idea to take multi-surface paint and cheap foam pumpkins to try to make purple pumpkins for Halloween. Folks, I love purple. I love pumpkins in the fall. But this project started out bad—the paint wasn't going on smoothly. And then it got worse...I hated the purple pumpkins....they looked like rotten purple plums.


So what's a girl to do? Come back later with a fresh new idea! This year...yes, it took a whole year for me to get over this purple travesty...I was inspired to make copper patina pumpkins—and I love them. You won't believe how easy they are to make!

Decoart provided me some free Metallic Lustre paint to work this transformation—but my opinion and project is my own! I was introduced to Metallic Lustre paint at Decoart's booth at Haven—and I fell in love. 

This paint is meant to be applied with your fingers and it kind of feels like cream eyeshadow as you're applying it. You end up looking a lot like a rainbow tin man, but it's non-toxic.

You can channel your inner preschooler as you add metallic sheen and shimmer to just about anything. You could just stick to one paint color, but I wanted a patina look so I did a blend of 4 colors: Brilliant Turquoise, Gold Rush, Copper Kettle, and Verdant Green. 

It's really very easy to get this patina look! This paint dries quickly, so if you want to blend it, you need to act fast, but for a layered look the fast drying quality is perfect. First, I applied the blue in patches, not worrying getting good coverage. 

Then I layered on the green, then gold, then copper to create a streaky look.

Then I quickly went back with various colors, blending until I got a kind of blended look of blue-greens and orangey-yellows—a verdigris look!

I love how this turned out. Definitely better than a lumpy plum...definitely more fall like, don't you think?

What do you do when you get stumped on a project?


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