Books I Want to Read This Fall

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Do you remember a couple of months ago how I told you a that I wanted to start to share with you books that I am reading...mostly because when you love to read, you look for opportunities to share your love with others!?! Well, this is my next installment of this series (I told you that it wouldn't be too often!). With the changing of the seasons, I'm looking forward to curling up with some new design books—some from favorite authors, and some that are completely new to me. 

I think I'm going to have plenty of opportunities to read a few pages here and there while I'm waiting around at soccer practices and other activities. A good book is a great way to get inspired in those in-between times! I'm hoping that these books will inspire me and you!

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Lovable Livable Home

I don't know if you are familiar with Young House Love, the now defunct DIY/home blog by Sherry and John Petersik. They wrote a very approachable blog about home and DIY as they remodeled their own house. I read and really enjoyed their first book Young House Love, that was full of simple projects—many of them very inexpensive. This second book, Lovable Livable Home, focuses on design and projects that you can enjoy while still having kids in your house—which, of course, is right down my alley!

How to Style Your Brand

How to Style Your Brand is all about defining what your brand (blog in my case) is...focusing down on what you are and are not, and then translating it into an image that will make an emotional connection with your customers (or readers). I really need this help in focus and vision. Maybe you do too? I was introduced to this book at the Haven Conference, and I was disappointed when I found out that it was all sold out. The good news is that it should be back in stock this month and you can bet I'm going to snap it up!

Design Mom: How to Live with Kids

I think this one goes without saying. Sometimes I feel like I live in a pig sty, and even if I find time to clean the whole house, a few hours later it looks the same again. Design Mom: How to Live with Kids is hopefully going to inspire me to have a designed home while still allowing my kids to be kids!!

Are there any books you're wanting to read this fall?

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