Menu Planning Monday 2014-06-15

3:13:00 PM

Howdy! I don't know what the weather is where you are, but here it is extremely hot, and only getting hotter this week. It really doesn't bode well for the summer for it to be this hot already!

When it's this hot, I really don't want to cook. It just makes me feel that much hotter. But the kiddos and my husband still want to eat...imagine that! So I'm trying to expand my menu of recipes that will keep my kitchen cool and my family fed - if you have some ideas, I'd love to hear them!!

Here's the plan for the week:

Monday: Chicken Tortilla Soup in the Crockpot (didn't make it last week)
Tuesday:  Fried Rice, Fruit
Wednesday: Taco Salad with easy cheesy taco meat
Thursday: Gnocchi with Dressed Up Pasta Sauce

Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Pizza Rolls, Applesauce

Sunday: Hamburgers on the Grill, Italian Bean Salad

What does your family eat when it's hot outside?

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