How to Spray Paint Plastic Outdoor Furniture

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With the weather nice out these days, we're spending more time outside--aren't you? But this year, I got fed up with our outdoor furniture, but our budget couldn't handle new chairs. So I decided to paint the furniture we already had...and I was surprised at how easy it was! (affiliate links included for your convenience!)

Do you have plastic exterior furniture that has seen better days?

You know, the furniture that you can scrub and scrub but it still won't return to the original color because of dirt stains...or because they are faded by the sun? We had some plastic furniture that was still in good shape, but everyone was afraid to sit on it because it just looked dirty. And we had some kids' furniture that was faded from the original bright I decided to take these pieces and make something that looks good—for just the price of a couple of cans of spray paint.

Now, before you run off and try this at home, please know that I didn't use regular spray paint. You want to use spray paint that is especially formulated for use on plastic—it bonds way better than regular spray paint. I used Valspar's spray paint for plastic  (affiliate links included for your convenience!)that I found at Lowe's in Satin Apple and Cocoa Bean, but you can find this type of paint in other brands.

Make sure you clean off the plastic item as much as possible and allow to dry. Small children are useful for this step.

Then all you need to do is paint in thin, even coats. If you're going with a drastic color change, chances are your first coat will look like your furniture has leprosy. Do not panic; do not apply heavy coats. Allow to dry and continue applying thin even coats.

After about 3 coats, you'll find that you have a brand new look for your outside furniture!

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