How to Adapt a Knit Baby Blanket to an Adult Blanket

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My dear husband has been very jealous of all the comfy warm blankets I've been knitting for little babies as they enter this world. He was especially jealous of my last blanket, my tweedy seed stitch baby blanket. Lucky for him, Bernat makes a grown up version of the yarn, so for his birthday I made him an adult sized blanket, just for him!!

If you have a highly repetitive blanket pattern--and many of them are--it's really easy to make a baby blanket pattern into an adult sized pattern. Just adjust the number of stitches. For a simple seed stitch, just take the gauge and figure out how many stitches you need to make your blanket. A seed stitch needs an odd number of stitches, but with a 2 stitch pattern repeat, all you need is a bigger number of stitches. The baby blanket needed 65 stitches, and I wanted my blanket to be basically twice as big, so I just doubled the number of stitches (almost) to get the adult sized blanket: 125 stitches. Then I just followed the same pattern as my tweedy seed stitch baby blanket.

I didn't do this, but depending on your yarn, you can go up a needle size, too, to make your blanket bigger. I used 5 skeins of the Bernat Blanket Yarn (these skeins are bigger than the Bernat Baby Blanket yarn, by the way), to make my husbands' blanket.

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