Confetti Heart Bag

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Have you seen the confetti mugs all over the place in the blogging world? Where you take special sharpies and dot all over the mug? Maybe using something as a silhouette? Well, this little Valentine's Day project is just like that. Except I used fabric markers. And I used a little muslin bag instead of a mug. But everything else is exactly the same.

You take a cute backdrop (in my case, a bag).

And you take a permanent set of markers. I used fabric markers, which are designed to, well, be permanent on fabric.

And I "borrowed" some heart stickers from my daughter. I could have used my Silhouette Portrait--or honestly some scissors--to create my own stickers out of vinyl. But let's be honest, I was feeling a teensy bit lazy, and the stickers were available.

First, adhere the stickers onto the bag.

Then, use various colors of fabric markers to make a lot of dots. I used red, purple, and 2 shades of pink because I associate those colors with Valentines.

Once you have good coverage, remove your stickers.

These little bags are perfect for holding small gifts for Valentine's Day, or just because!

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