Etched Glass Tree Ornament

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Do you ever have an idea that you know will be super cool but you just put it off for months and months, thinking that you still have time...until suddenly, you realize that you don't have time at all. I've had an idea for a Christmas ornament in my head for 11 months, but I'm just now getting to it--when I am getting ready to trim my Christmas tree. Yes, I am a procrastinator. I found a little glass tree ornament in the clearance section of my local craft store, and I just knew that etching it was the way to go.

I love etching. When you are equipped with etching cream it is so easy, and yet it makes the simplest project look so elegant.

I took some vinyl and cut out circles with my Silhouette. You don't have to have a craft cutter--you could use stickers, but with my Silhouette Portrait, it was easy to make circles exactly the right size for "ornaments" for my glass Christmas tree.

I placed those vinyl circles on my tree, and then applied the etching cream. You want a thick, even coat. Be sure to follow the instructions as far as how long to keep the etching cream on the glass. When that time is up, remove the cream and rinse off the ornament with running water.

Carefully remove the vinyl and hang up your ornament.

And know that all that procrastination...was worth it.

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