Multiuse Furniture for Yarn, Vinyl, and Cabochons #ad

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A few months ago, I was asked by Sauder to check out a piece of furniture. I selected the Edge Water Sideboard. But if you recall, I didn't use it in my dining room. I styled it and set it up as a craft station in my den. At the time, I styled the horizontal surface with cute design books and inspiration, but I hadn't had a chance to really set up the storage. Now that I've continued to use the sideboard for several more months, I have to say that I still love it and the amount of storage, but instead of cute blogger design land, with everything in its place and lots of cute stuff on the horizontal surface, I'm going to show you how this is really being used, and two ways that I use the Sauder Edge Water Sideboard.

This is how I typically have my Sauder Edgewater Sideboard set up: as a crafting station for yarn, DIY cabochons, and vinyl craft cutting. If I'm working on a large craft (or several crafts), this is how I set things up, with loads of storage for my laptop, craft cutter, yarn and in progress yarn projects, and my camera and laptop.

The key here (besides all the awesome flexible storage) is that now I have clear work space. Yes, there's some fun seasonal decor and a decorative lamp, but with a protective mat, now I have room to work. I love having this space because it's out of reach of my three year olds, but still in the middle of everything.

The drawers are the perfect size for all kinds of craft storage. One side has become a catch-all, while the other side has a silverware tray that I use to hold all the meltable sticks and molds as well as whipped decoden clay I have.

The wine bottle storage area is actually perfect for yarn and yarn projects in progress. Right now I am working on a little blanket and it fits great in all the nooks. The horizontal slots work as great storage for my laptop when I'm not working on it, as well as a place to store vinyl sheets.

But when it's time to do some crafting with vinyl, I clean up my workspace and bring out the laptop and craft cutter. Luckily, both pieces of equipment are stored right here in my Edgewater Sideboard: the laptop in one of the slots, and the craft cutter in one of the cupboards. This workspace is the perfect size to set up for a lot of cutting.

So there you have it. Two different and new ways to set up a craft space that can really be used every day, and how this real-world crafter uses it so that I can craft and still hang out with my family. Want to see how I set it up at first? Check out this cute setup. It's how I set up the space when company is coming. I love those books, but they get in my way when it's time to craft!

Do you have a space with furniture that needs to be set up different ways? Remember to look for a combination of open and closed storage--open for easy access, and closed for hiding not-so-pretty items. Also, have realistic expectation on how to style your furniture. If you are going to use your furniture as a work space, don't fill every horizontal surface with tchochkes. But you can always find a little corner of the piece to add something pretty--like my Thanksgiving sign. Do you want some more inspiration on how to set up a multi-use piece of furniture? Check out my pinterest board, Multi-use Furniture.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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