Easy Dresser Door Chalkboard Upcycle

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This past weekend, we had family pictures for the first time in years. As in, there were only 3 people in our family, and I wasn't even pregnant with my 3 1/2 year old twins. Suffice it to say, we were overdue. We had a family friend take our pictures, and I can't wait to see them! But she had few non-holiday related picture props, and at the very least, I wanted a chalkboard for a prop. So only a few days before the pictures were scheduled, I got to work.

Remember when I redid Lil Bit's dresser?

When I painted it, I took off the center portion's door. And I just stored it in my garage, knowing that I would find another use for it. This chalkboard project was perfect, since the door already had an inset panel--so I had a ready made frame, and the bevel edge of the panel made a perfect place for the chalkboard surface to stop. Not to mention, it is already stained--so I could leave the "frame" as is if I wanted to do so!

So I grabbed some sandpaper, a foam brush, and some chalkboard paint (all of which I had on hand) and went to work.

First, I sanded down the panel that I was going to paint. Do not skip this step. I tried to, and the chalkboard paint came right off when I tried to write with chalk. Basically, you want to sand it enough to knock off the gloss. That's it.

Paint the chalkboard paint on the surface, going with the grain. Allow to dry. After the first coat is dry, paint a second layer on the surface, this time perpendicular to the first coat. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours--this cures the paint.

Use the side of a piece of chalk to coat the entire chalkboard surface with a light coat of chalk. Whipe off, and then you're ready to write anything!

Although I made this as a quick photo prop, I have a feeling that this project is going to make an appearance on my holiday mantel. Stay tuned!

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