No-Sew Ribbon Embellished Tutus

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Do you have little girls who love tutus...or princesses...or dressing up in general? I do. Actually, I have three little girls who love to dress up. These no-sew ribbon embellished tutus are the perfect project...and it's so easy!

This year, the twins wanted a princess party for their birthday. Actually, to be specific, they wanted a "Cinderella and Sleeping Booty" party. Now, I'm not one to spend loads of money on dressup costumes for this kind of event, but these tutus incorporated enough of the signature colors (pink for Sleeping Beauty and blue and silver for Cinderella) that everyone was happy!

You can go with colored tulle, but since we were trying to be thrifty...and colored tulle is way more expensive that white...well, that's what we ended up with!

Here's what you need:

Tulle--lots of it. I used about 120 yards of 6" white tulle for 2 tutus for 3 year olds, and they could have been a little fuller
Elastic--I used super thin elastic. If I did it again, I would likely use fold over elastic
Thin ribbon in the colors of your choice--I used about 2 standard spools

Measure the waist of the child in question. Cut a piece of elastic that is 6 to 8 inches longer than the waist measurement.

Decide on the length of the tutu. Now, cut pieces of tulle that are twice the length of the skirt. This will take a while--you need a lot of tulle!

Cut the ribbon. I cut the ribbon a little shorter than the tulle lengths.

Tie each piece of tulle onto the elastic. You want to tie the middle of each piece of tulle onto the elastic so that the two ends hang down. Basically, you fold the tulle in half and then place the folded piece beneath the elastic. Then bring both ends through the middle loop, tying the tulle around the elastic.

Once you have a nice, full tulle tutu, tie on the ribbons the same way, trying to keep the spacing of ribbon the same around the skirt.

Tie the ends together, and arrange the tulle so it hides the knot. Then let the twirling begin!!!

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