Spring Butterfly Wreath

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Winter. This time of year, it’s a dirty word. I don’t necessarily consider myself a southerner, even though I have lived in the south for 30 years in just a few months. Yes, I know that doesn’t make sense, but there you have it. But this winter has literally been the worst in 10 years. The last time we had this much snow, I was engaged. I hate cold and snow…so maybe I am a southerner. Anyway, I am seriously ready for spring, which is why I made this quick and easy spring butterfly wreath.

As a side note, my oldest asked me why I was making a spring wreath, since it wasn’t spring yet. (She doesn’t understand that bloggers have to be a little ahead of the season.) I told her that mommy was tired of winter. She told me she wished that it could be spring and winter at the same time so there would be flowers and snow at the same time. Love how she wants the best of everything rolled into one!

Anyway, I promise that this is a very simple wreath. Even simpler than my “jam a bunch of flowers into a yarn wrapped wreath form” wreath.

You need a grapevine wreath. I used the one that I spray painted back over a year ago. I’m frugal like that. I took some washi tape, some chalk, and a little chalkboard sign with a clothespin attached (you can get them from Michaels for around $1).

I also had three different packages of different kinds of butterflies. All of them have little alligator clips on the back.

All you have to do is find an arrangement of butterflies around the wreath and clip them on.

I rubbed some chalk over the chalkboard to prime the board, and then erased it again.

I decorated the sign with a little yellow washi tape, wrote “Fly” in chalk, and clipped that on, too. I had an extra butterfly clip so I just clipped it to the sign.

My wreath holder was looking a little worn....

So I covered it with washi tape too.

And that is it. An easy spring wreath that took less than 30 minutes to make!

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