My Christmas Tree is Peace--My Home at Christmas

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Even though we have "real" greenery elsewhere in our home (like on our door), I don’t do “real” Christmas trees—at least at this point in my life. I have in the past, and we decided that as long as we have cats, well, it wasn’t worth the effort.

And besides, this busy mama loves how the tree we have is in three pieces, is prelit, and doesn’t get climbed by the cats.

We have a huge range of ornaments. I have a simple theme.

If we love it, then we put it up. We have ornaments that symbolize places we’ve been. Like Disney this year….

…And Ireland a few years ago.

And we have ornaments that the kids and I have made.

Most of the ornaments are gold and silver and red. But we don’t reject other ornaments--as long as it has a special meaning for us.

This year, I was blessed to have my oldest help decorate the tree. We really enjoyed talking about who had made the ornaments, or where they came from. It was a special time that we shared, just the two of us.

And sometimes, I just sit downstairs, by myself. I look at Miss Christmas Tree—which is what Princess Pea calls “her”. And I revel in the small peace that I find while enjoying the tree. While it won’t be making “Extreme Christmas Trees” on HGTV anytime soon, it is perfect.

It goes well with the laid back decor we have throughout the rest of our home...

Our mantel

with our Straw and Stir Stick Wreath

and Double Sided Christmas Sign.

It even goes with our wreathless front door.

Are you enjoying a laid back Christmas?

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