No Sew French Number Pillow Covers

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Have you noticed that numbers seem to be all the rage around the web? You see oversized number signs, numbered furniture, and number paintings. So recently, I had an epiphany: why not make French number pillows for my couch?

We have been in desperate need of new pillows on our couch. These are the old ones that came with the couch.

Yes, we have a red couch.It does make decorating around it difficult, but we purchased it because we desperately needed a couch and we got it at an incredible price at an auction. But I digress. The pillows have 3 strikes against them, all of them functional (I won't even get into how they aren't really my style). Strike one: they are too big. With the cushions that came with the couch and these pillows, most folks feel like they don't have enough room to sit. Strike two: the embroidery on the pillows are wool. This is a little too scratchy for little ones, who almost immediately throw these pillows on the floor. Strike three: the fringe is coming apart, and little ones keep getting their fingers and toes caught in the loops.

So with three strikes on the old pillows and some number inspiration in my mind, I set about making some awesome pillows--or pillow covers, as it turned out. Here's what I used:

2 canvas pillow covers
1 12 inch by 12 inch piece of patterned canvas
1 sharpie
1 stencil (see below how to make your own!)

I took the patterned canvas and cut it in half.

I then pressed down a hem with my iron all the way around the fabric and then pressed the heat-n-bond onto the back side of the fabric.

I removed the backing on the heat-n-bond and pressed the fabric onto the pillow cover with my iron.

Then I made my stencil. I took the back part of a plastic page protector. I designed my stencils on the Silhouette software, making sure to use the knife tool to create bridges for the centers of my o and q so that they wouldn't fall out when I cut my stencil. I set my blade to 7, my speed to 5, and the thickness to 33. I set the silhouette to do a double cut, and then applied my plastic to the cutting mat and let that little cutting machine do its magic. In just a few minutes, I had some perfect stencils.

All that was left was trace it with a sharpie and then fill it in.

I split the stuffing from my old pillow and put it into the new pillow covers. And that was all I needed to give my couch a whole  new look.

And if you happen to wonder why I chose those numbers...I have 3 girls, and that gives us 5 in our family.  I love how much smaller these pillows are, and how they give a simple  touch to the couch!

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