The Power of Empty Space #31Days #createwkids

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Have you ever had a child make one tiny shape on a big piece of paper...and then declare the work done?

I remember my art teachers encouraging us to "fill the page".

We were to fill every bit of space with our art.

Call it efficiency. Call it practice. Call it composition.

But there is something about having a little bit of space. A place for the eye to rest.

A little bit of white space to create rhythm...or peace.

Yes, I already wrote about the blank page as being a good start.

But perhaps the page doesn't need to be filled to be complete.

Perhaps we as adults are too ready to fill our lives--and our children's lives--with stuff to fill the page. We are overscheduled, overworked, overwhelmed.

There is no need to dictate creativity in our kids. That's not the point of this series. Rather, I want to give you the confidence that you can do it.

Give your kids some space and some tools. Don't rush it.

Adopt the mantra, "Less is More" from Mies van der Rohe.

The blank page is the beginning. Perhaps the empty space is still there at the end.

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