The Blank Page #31days #createwkids

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The blank page. It can be one of the most intimidating part of any project. You have no guidelines, no inspiration. No cheating.

It is also the most freeing, most invigorating, most amazing start possible. You can go anywhere, be anything with your creativity.

While it is important to teach our children to color inside the lines, it is also important to give them opportunities to experience the blank page. This can be a free writing opportunity, a crazy coloring session, or pretend time with no “toys” at all.

My oldest has a habit of making up amazing stories, with several characters. Her props…are only her fingers. Each finger is a person. Who needs dolls? Who needs toys? Most of us can remember a time when the only toys we needed were some sticks...or a string...or a single button.

One only needs the blank page…or several fingers.

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