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Shew! This post is a little late in the day, but I still am managing to post every day! Enjoy this newest installment of Creating with Kids for the 31 Days series!

In our exploration of creativity and kids, one important thing that we adults need to do on a regular basis is release our preconceptions. Our children are not burdened by many of them, and everything that is new is...well, new and exciting.

This weekend, we're hosting a tea party celebrating some special baby dolls. Since the theme was babies, and we have 9 little girls at our house, I needed some little craft that Lil Bit could help with, but fit with the theme.

I selected recycled crayons. I had on hand a silicone form that is in the shape of little gingerbread men, which are a lot like babies in we went for it.

I'm sure you've seen tutorials to do this on pinterest or elsewhere on the internet, but just in case you haven't, here's what you need to do:

Take a bunch of crayons and remove the wrappers and break them up. In the interest of speed, I did this, but an older child could definitely help. As I was doing something else, Lil Bit sorted them into warm and cool colors and placed them into the molds all by herself.

We preheated the oven to 225, and heated them up until they were all melted.

Then all we had to do was pop them out once the were cool.

I love this project in the context of creativity with kids for so many reasons:
  1. recycling something broken into something new and exciting
  2. the colors are mixed together, so coloring is a new experience
  3. they aren't in the typical shape that crayons usually are
  4. they fit a theme in an unusual way

And best of all...they are a literal way to "color outside the lines." You can use these crayon babies for a baby shower, or a cookie decorating party, or a baby tea party like ours!

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