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Do you have a home decor item that you simply cannot make work in your home? You know, one that you've had for a long time, and it's had a lot of different homes within your home, and you just haven't been happy with any of them. That's the case with this mirror--I'm so excited about its new life! 

I've had it for a while. It has lately found a home with my daughter's room, and honestly, it hasn't been used there. It was time for a new life! I wasn't sure about this antiqued silver finish, either--it felt dated.

All I needed to update this mirror was some gold craft paint, a paint brush, some clear contact paper, and something to cut the contact paper. I use a Silhouette Portrait, but you could easily use another craft cutter. You could even cut the contact paper by hand!

First, select your quote. I wanted to celebrate my state pride,so I decided to use North Carolina's State Motto (because that's where I live): Esse Quam Videri--To be rather than to seem. I thought that beyond the state pride reason, that quote make sense to be applied to a mirror as a reminder that I should strive to be who I claim--rather than seem that way. I also thought it would be a great reminder for my girls. Of course, none of them can read, particularly not Latin, but a girl can dream, right?

I sized my quote to fit my mirror and cut it out using my Silhouette.

I then cleaned out all the contact paper except the quote. I applied the clear contact paper to the clean mirror. Even though this is "clear" contact paper, it actually looks translucent on a mirror--like it is frosted!

I then used the gold craft paint to update the frame (my frame is removable from the mirror--if yours isn't, you'll need to use some painters tape to keep the mirror clean.

And that's it! Even if you need to buy all the materials to make this project, it is easy an inexpensive!

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