Glass Tile Embellished Vase for Fall

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How many people out there have a bunch of florist vases in a closet or cupboard somewhere that you just can't bear to throw away?

Or am I the only home decor hoarder out there? (I know I'm not--go ahead and admit it!)

My dear husband gave me some beautiful flowers in this awesome vase for our anniversary this past summer. I love the shape, the texture--and I just knew that I was going to make something out of it. And then it sat for several months. Then the interior designer at my office offered me some warm toned glass tiles last week--just 16 to 20 of each color, so not enough for my next home improvement project. But these colors are perfect for a fall craft project.

Guess what--those beautiful square insert in my vase are the perfect size to hold these glass tiles!

This project is super easy. I just hot glued those tiles onto my vase. I haven't decided if I'm going to use it as a vase, or if I'm going to put some LED lights in there--the tiles have such a warm glow when they are lit.

Now, I'm going to admit right now that this is a seasonal decoration and is not intended to be a permanent decoration. I used hot glue to adhere my tiles to the glass vase. If I heat up this vase too much (as in a dishwasher) the tiles will fall off. And I am okay with that. actually, I am more than okay with that--I'm planning on changing this vase up once fall is over!

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