What I learned at Bloggy Boot Camp--Charlotte

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A couple of weekends ago, I spent a day with over 100 awesome bloggers, learning so much at Bloggy Boot Camp Charlotte. I loved how down to earth all the presenters were. I also got to meet a lot of new bloggers, and actually meet some bloggers that I love, like Trish from Uncommon Designs and Alexa from No Holding Back. And I walked away with my head so full that it hurt. Quite literally hurt…for the following 2 days. I am still processing what I have learned, especially all the nitty gritty, but here is a low-down of what I am doing right…and what I am needing to work on!

Blog Design:

  • What I’m doing right: My blog design is simple, with coordinating colors. In fact, I may need to add some colors for emphasis.
  • What I need to improve on: Fonts are so important, and although I had limited myself on how many, the font I had did no convey the image that I want. And you can always improve on your photography!

Social Media:

  • What I’m doing right: I’m on social media
  • What I need to improve on: I need to work on my facebook coverage! I got so frustrated with the rules changing so much that I’ve basically ignored facebook. Funny thing is, at least some folks follow me solely through facebook…I really need to improve on this!

About Page:

  • What I’m doing right: I have one that is basically up to date.
  • What I need to improve on: I need to add some more information. A lot of information. I’ll also be adding video in the near future.  (gulp!)


  • What I’m doing right: I set some goals for the year.
  • What I need to improve on: I need to set some “end game” goals. Where am I going with this blog?

Blogging Relationships:

  • What I’m doing right: I went to a blog conference and started some relationships with other bloggers through twitter.
  • What I need to improve on: I need to truly develop those relationships. If I connected with you, I need to follow up. I’m horrible at follow-up. Silly introvert!

Brand Relationships:

  • What I’m doing right: I have started some brand relationships
  • What I need to improve on: I need to dream big on the brands that I want to go after…and do it!!


  • What I’m doing right: I know what SEO is…that’s it.
  • What I need to improve on: I need to figure out a way to do this. Anybody have any ideas on plugins that are compatible with blogger? Because I'm stubborn, and I like blogger, and I don't want to move!
And that's my summary of my very first blog conference. Was it worth it? Oh yeah. Will I do another conference? Yes!

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  1. Good post of what you learned. I have a hard time with the follow up part too. At least I should say, I've had a hard time connecting with people this way and attempting to create a tribe. I guess I figure it will somehow evolve naturally...but maybe I need to work at it more.
    Take care,

  2. This is a great recap. I love the format that you took to provide the information! And thanks for the shout out! :-)

  3. I think you are both doing a great job with connecting! It is hard not to get overwhelmed with the amount of bloggers and all the Social Media. There are so many neat people that I wish I could connect with more, but it is so time consuming. This is what I do, if it helps you. I dedicate one day a week to each social media platform. For example, Monday is twitter. (I'm not very good to sticking to a schedule actually... but this is my best case plan!) On that day I dedicate 30 mins to going through my twitter feed and retweeting, commenting, connecting with people. Tuesday might be Google+, Wed might be Facebook. OR you can just choose 1 or 2 platforms and spend 15 mins a day on each of them. Once you get going in some convos (especially on Twitter) it is easy to build relationships and connect.

    You didn't ask for my advice, but I hope it gives you an idea of how you might develop those relationships! :-)

  4. It was great to meet you and now follow your blog. Can't wait for the post when you figure out Google + or SEO. :)

  5. I appreciate your advice! I also like your idea about spending 15 minutes a day on some form of social media. At the moment that feels so overwhelming. I'm barely keeping up with projects, photos, posts, guest posts, replying to comments, link party, oh and LIFE! 15 minutes feels like too much, but I know I need to find a way to get some in as it is a good way to connect with others.