Kid Friendly Flowers for Mother's Day Gifts {Guest Post}

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Have you met Stacey from Glued to My Crafts? She's my awesome bloggy friend, and she is awesome! I love how she incorporates her little son into almost all of her crafts. You are all in luck today...she has an awesome Mother's Day craft, and she's sharing it with us!

Hi, everybody! {waving}

Let me introduce myself!

I'm Stacey and I blog over at Glued To My Crafts. I'm an Air Force wife & mother to a two year boy. We currently live in Wyoming. My blog tells a story of military life, crafty things, yummy foods and reviews. I hope you come check it out! But not until you read my post today. Ready to be inspired?

Mother's Day is just right around the corner. Have you planned your gifts yet?

As a mother of a two year old, I know it can stressful to come up with "crafty" gifts sometimes. 

The last two years I have given all the "Mothers" in our lives, handprints of lil man in some form. Usually a card. We are pretty far from family, so I wanted them to see him grow through the years. And what better way, than with a handprint.

So this year, we are continuing on with the tradition but a slight twist that is still easy.

Flowers are expensive but a nice gesture for Mother's Day. So I wanted to include flowers somehow.

But I needed supplies that were kid friendly so I could include lil man.

I came across these natural fiber pots at Target the other day and figured they would be a great for some faux flower arrangements. At $1.69 for 10 pots/gifts, this was in our price range. Another major benefit? I could easily ship them, without fear of them breaking.

So my supplies for the arrangement themselves were simple.
Faux flowers, fiber pots, wire cutters and Styrofoam balls (ours are 3 inches & fit perfectly)
First cut/trim your flowers to the desired size.
Stuff your pots with a Styrofoam ball.
With lil man's help, we arranged our flowers inside the pots.
Now for a special touch to our flower arrangements. We grabbed supplies that we always have on hand in our home-cardstock, paint/paint brush, scissors, hole punch, heart stickers and ribbon.
Using the paint, help your child make their handprints.
Once your handprints are dry, cut them out. Add a heart sticker to your cutout for a special touch. Then hole punch a hole for your ribbon to go through.
Tie the handprint around your stems or pot. Woolah, you are done!
Totally price depends really on where you get your flowers, but if you shop at Dollar Tree, you could make these for under $10. Not too shabby right?

(P.S. if your flowers are really heavy & your pot won't stand up, put some marbles on the bottom of the pot)

A big thank you to Rachel for letting me stop by today. I hope you all were inspired!

For other crafty ideas come check out my blog Glued To My Crafts. You can also catch me on Twitter, find me on Facebook or see me pinning away on Pinterest.

*waving* Bye friends!

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