Cinderella Countdown Chain

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When you’re getting ready for any big trip, any parent knows to expect countless questions, starting with “Are we going to leave today? How about tomorrow?” The anticipation is a lot of fun, but can lead to interesting situations, especially for children who are still getting the concept of time beyond yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Case in point: my five year old started packing her favorite toys to take to Disney over 2 months before time to go.

Whoever came up with the idea of making a countdown chain is a brilliant person. Making a  paper chain and then tearing off a link each day is great. Even children whose counting skills are still developing can see that there are still several days to go when looking at the chain. Here's the one I came up with:

I wanted to do a chain with my kids. I debated about making a Mickey Mouse one. But since we have all girls in the house (minus my husband, that is!), I thought maybe a princess themed countdown would be more appropriate. And I decided to incorporate my chalkboard frame from my fall mantel, since it was just sitting unused in a closet.

If you recall, I painted the edge of this frame a beautiful blue. That blue made me think of Cinderella. Perfection!

So I found a Cinderella silhouette online and some blue scrapbook paper.

I took the blue paper and cut it out with my Silhouette Portrait. That pretty little princess took the place of the pumpkin in the frame…although come to think of it, I could have left the pumpkin, with pumpkins being so important to the Cinderella story. We took the rest of the blue paper and a coordinating sheet of scrapbook paper and made our chain.

I did my best to emulate the Disney type font on the chalkboard, and then we draped the chain over it. At  first, I wanted to hang the chain from the frame, but then I thought about the cats…and the two year olds…and I decided that way up high was where it needed to be, else the countdown would go a lot quicker than anticipated.

What do you do to count down to a special trip?

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  1. I seriously love the chalkboard frame and how it can work for so many different things throughout the year! So cute!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Huge Disney fan! Would you please come share this on Thursday over on my blog? Lots of Disney fans! XO, ellie

    dets here:

  3. Carrie-My Favorite Finds HApril 23, 2013 at 12:48 PM

    Of course I love this! I used the same Cinderella file to make a wall hanging for my daughter's room. So cute! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  4. So fun! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to go. I think we want the youngest to be 5. Have fun!

  5. Aww! What a fun way to countdown to a special day. Enjoy!

  6. I'm loving this! I host a Disney crafting blog you might like. (hopping by from Live Laugh Linky!)

  7. This is adorable Rachel! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Funday!! xoxo - Cheryl