Daddy Daughter Dates

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A couple that we admire greatly in our church, Chris and Jamie, have 4 beautiful children. They both have a passion for building up married couples and families. One time, they told us about how Chris takes each child (except for the baby who isn’t quite old enough yet) out by themselves for a special “date.” These dates aren’t anything big. It may be just a trip to Chik-Fil-A or to the park. The point was to spend time focusing on each child. But in a household with a lot of kiddos running around, it really impressed me that Chris was taking the time to be intentional with each child.

Around Christmas time, my husband took Lil Bit (who is the only one who is old enough for this kind of event) to matinee movie for their first date. She still talks about it, two months later. That intentional time was obviously very special to her, and I could tell that her daddy enjoyed the one-on-one time, too. Earlier this week, he asked her if she would like to go on another “daddy date.” She got super excited…so excited, you would have thought he had offered her candy for dinner. J So he picked her up early on Wednesday and took her shopping with some of her own money…to Target. Then they went out to eat, just the two of them. They had a wonderful time, and she wants to do it again...every chance she can!

Valentine’s Day is a time when you think about those you love, but it can also be a time when we train up our little ones in the ways of love. I hope my girls always treasure their time with their daddy, and that someday they find a man who loves them as much as their daddy does!

Daddy and Lil Bit

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  1. I'm glad they had such a good time! We need to do more of that--on both ends. I love that it was not anything out-of-the-world special, just time together.

  2. Such a great tradition to begin! She will always remember their dates...

  3. I love the idea of special time with each child! We started doing "dates" with our kids a few months ago. It hasn't been the weekly thing I originally hoped for (we only have 2), more like monthly. But they love their special time one on one with each of us --especially those daddy dates!