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Are you looking to make New Year’s resolutions? Many of us over the next few days will make promises to ourselves to “remake” ourselves in the next year—make us skinnier, healthier, neater, oh the list goes on.…

But let me introduce you to some ladies who are truly trying to make themselves anew in a very big way. They are trying to remake themselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually…as they are healing from broken lives. My few extra pounds don’t even begin to compare with what these ladies have been through.

Earlier in December, I had an awesome opportunity to meet up with an old friend. Cara works with a ministry called Word Made Flesh in Bolivia, and I hadn’t seen her in years. I was amazed to find out more about her ministry. She has the privilege of working with women who are leaving the sex trade in Bolivia. One of the offshoots of this ministry is to give the women another trade at which to work. This offshoot is called “Suti Sana” which translates into “Healed Name.” 

(Image credit: Sutisana)

These women have the opportunity to create healed identities through making amazing bags. While they are healing, they are learning a new trade!

All of these bags are made of aguayo, an Andean wool cloth. Let me tell you, they are sturdy!

(Image credit: Sutisana)

They are lined with coordinating fabric and have interior pockets. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you are allergic to wool, but otherwise, they are awesome! I have had commercially made bags that didn’t hold up for more than a couple of weeks. These are beautifully crafted bags, and they are definitely for a good cause! They also carry market totes made of canvas and beautiful note cards.

Please, if you have a little extra Christmas money jingling in your pockets, please go and check out Suti Sana. Their bags range in size from wallets to messenger bags, and the prices are very reasonable. If money is tight, I encourage you to pray for their ministry. These women are taking the first steps to a new life.

Please note: I didn’t receive anything in payment for this post. I did buy an awesome bag, though! Cara didn’t even ask me to share this with you, but I volunteered. I want to show my girls how important it is to serve in small ways...and I can share this ministry with you as one small way.  

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