Menu Planning Monday 2012-12-10

7:30:00 PM

Let me start this post by one thing that I'm praying is on the menu this week: healthy bodies.

Starting last Monday, all three kiddos spent at least part of the week sick. All 5 weekdays had at least one of the three at home, with Tuesday finding me home with all three sick kids.

It's that kind of week that makes me glad that I meal plan. I could tell my husband exactly what he could pull out of the freezer for dinner. And one day, the meal was already in the crockpot! Luckily, we were able to still have a birthday party on Saturday for my Lil Bit who turns 5 on Wednesday.

This week has another round of Christmas programs and parties, but hopefully we can keep it healthy!

Monday: Tacos and Squash

Tuesday: Apples & Sausage Saute
Wednesday: Crackers, Cheese, and Fruit
Thursday: Chicken Nuggets & Green Beans
Friday: Brown Sugar & Spice Chicken, Corn

Saturday: Christmas party for the adults, Sandwiches and Fruit for the kiddos!
Sunday: Leftovers

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  1. Popped in from SITS! That chicken sounds interesting!

  2. We have crackers and cheese nights sometimes too. Happy MPM!

  3. Blog hopping from SITS to see you menu. Looks good! I plan two weeks at a time and last Sunday I made four dinners at the same time. We get to eat the meatloaf this week and I am so glad that's already taken care of. Meal planning makes my husband so much more willing to cook too!

  4. I hope everyone has a healthy week! one of our favorite meals is sausage & apples over biscuits... but it's been a long while. That's going to have to go on the menu again soon. happy MPM!

  5. The tacos and squash sound intriguing, but I'd have to have mad ninja skills to keep the family from finding out.

    1. Make the squash puree another day, freeze, and just toss it in (thawed) when you're cooking. No mad ninja skills needed. :-)