Friday Fun: Veteran's Day

4:30:00 PM

In the wake of all the election hoopla, and in the middle of getting ready for a lot of Thanksgiving eating, there is a quiet little holiday. Most people only pay attention to the sales it brings.

But on Sunday, we in the US celebrate Veteran's Day.

Regardless of your thoughts on the politics of war, the men and women who have served our country in the military have given up so much for us, leaving their families to guard our families in times of war and peace. Many of the older generation had little choice in the matter, drafted in a time of war, but still did what needed to be done.

If I listed all the people I knew who served in the military, I would surely forget someone. If I simply attempted to thank the people to whom I am related, I would still likely miss someone.

So this weekend, I just want to say...Thanks. We are thankful for your sacrifices and your faithfulness.

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