A Week in My Life: Monday

5:30:00 AM

Melissa over at Adventuroo and Momcomm has created this awesome challenge: A Week in My Life. I thought I’d give it a try. It’s not my usual fare for the blog—it’s so much easier to compose a recipe than to tell you about my life—but for all of the folks who wonder how I manage to work full time job, parent 3 little ones, be a wife, and blog…well, here’s your insight.

Monday:  The alarm goes off at5:15. My husband gets up and takes a shower. I lay in bed and hit the snooze button for 20 more minutes. Then Lil Bit gets up (yeah, that’s how she rolls—an earlybird!) and it’s time for me to really start the day. My husband gets the cereal and milk cups ready and then we all meet in the bonus room. I get the twins up and we each take a twin to change them. Sweet Pea has been really attached to me in the morning lately, so I take the time to give a few snuggles. I grab thekids’ clothing and my husband changes the twins while Lil Bit changes her own clothes. I gather up the cot sheets and blankets that the kids need for school.I grab a quick shower, get dressed, and then I do the last few touches to the kids (like brushing Lil Bit’s hair). I grab my breakfast and lunch…then off we go in the van to drop off the kids at school.

Yup. Many days, we all carpool together in the minivan. My husband and I only work a few blocks apart, so when our schedules permit, we ride together.It gives us a little mini-date during the week. Usually, we read a book together. We are waiting on the last Wheel of Time book to come out (January--can’twait!), so we’ve been plowing through the Hunger Games trilogy and now we’re on the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. So we drop off the kids at daycare,(today is a good drop off day with no tears!) and then read for 20 minutes as we fight traffic.

I get into work and dive into my recent project. It’s a bowling alley.I eat breakfast at my desk. I drink plenty of caffeine.

At lunch, I eat at my desk and work on my other job—my blog. I do a draft of a recipe that I’m going to post this week, and then I share last week’stutorial on Tipjunkie.com. If you’re not a blogger, you may not know this, but only part of blogging is writing and all the production type stuff on the blog.You also need to promote your posts, and this is one of the ways that I have promoted my blog. Then I write about my morning for this blog post.

The afternoon is taken up by another bowling project. Mommyhood and architecture is very similar in that you always have a bunch of balls in the air…and you’re typically a few seconds away from dropping them…but like a good performer, you manage to hang on.

And then off we go to fight traffic while simultaneously escaping into our book. We pick up the kids around 6, and then it’s time for the meal time rush. Thank goodness for meal planning. I was planning on making two recipes that I am planning on blogging about, but traffic has been so bad I decide to just have leftovers. 

We’re at the stage right now where the twins wolf down their food…andseconds! On the other hand, Lil Bit takes for…ev…er to eat. But we survive another meal and then we get the kids ready for bed. The twins go down at 7:30, and then Lil Bit enjoys a little Star Wars Clone Wars with Daddy.

Meanwhile, I'm working on my blog again. Lil Bit goes to bed, then my husband and I try to clean up the house a little. And that's how I juggle job, being a wife, mommyhood, and blogging

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  1. woo. I am a big fan of Diet Dr. Pepper. And I am intrigued. What is it that you do? I hope to learn that this week.

    1. I am a HUGE fan of diet Dr Pepper...and I'm an architect, which is the why behind my blog name. :-) Have a great day!

  2. Those PJs! Too cute! My daughter has the same pair, I think :D

    1. She loves them! That evening was the first time she wore them.

  3. Oh, I see we could easily bond over our love for the caffienated soda. Yum.

    My little one loves Star Wars too. In fact, I must add that in some day this week, because he talks about it non-stop.

    Look forward to reading more tomorrow.

  4. I don't think my first comment came through so trying again!

    I work part-time and don't know what I'd do without meal planning! Seriously!

    And you're so right about blogging being more than writing! If I had one piece of advice for new bloggers, that would be it!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Melissa, It came through, but since it was basically a duplicate, I deleted it. :-)