Thursday, August 2, 2012

Boo Boo Bird

If you are a mommy of a brand new baby, let me warn you...before they start moving, get ready.

And by get ready, I mean have a first aid kit ready to go. This little guy is my newest (and cutest) addition to that first aid kit.

Boo-Boo Bird

If you are a klutz like me, you know that your little ones’ genes are counting against them—the chances of injury are just too high. My three literally each had a completely unrelated injury within 24 hours last week (Lil bit got a gash on her foot from a door scraping her, Sweet Pea bit her lip when she fell against a chair trying to walk, and Princess Pea was bit).

Bumps, bruises, and blood are in their future. And then there are the imaginary wounds. If you have a toddler or a preschooler, you know what I mean. But it isn't really financially feasible to give a band aid every time there is a perceived injury. (Because then we would feel like we were financing the first aid industry by ourselves). That’s where this idea came into being.

I was surfing around Sugar Bee Crafts—Mandy has a super awesome blog, and awesome sewing skills!—and saw her owie owls.

Image Credit: Sugar Bee Crafts

I saw these cuties and I thought, what a wonderful idea!! In our house, you must have blood actually coming out of your body to get a band aid. We do have teething rings in the fridge that we sometimes use to put on the occasional bump and bruise, but recently the twins have needed those teething rings for, well, teething! So I took Mandy’s general idea—to fill a little fabric animal with rice to put in the freezer for an “ice” pack—and I made my own pattern!

Since I am considering changing my banner to little birds under a column (see the start of the artwork here), I had to make one of those little birds be that ice pack. So I drew up a pattern (I made it larger than what I wanted so that I had seam allowances).

Then I cut out the paper and pinned it to a folded piece of fabric—the fold is at the bottom of the bird. This way, I only have to cut the bird out once, and I don’t have to seam the bottom.

Then, with the wrong sides out, I pinned the bird together and sewed it up. I left an opening that was just large enough to turn the bird right side out and put the rice into the bird.

After I turned the bird right side out, I cut out the wings (I made these a little smaller than the pattern) and a little triangle for the beak, and then I used fusible webbing to adhere the wings and beak to the bird. I wasn’t exact about getting the webbing to the edges of the wings—the webbing is to hold the pieces in place while I hand stitch it in a couple of steps and for extra security.

Then I used a kitchen funnel to pour the rice in, and then stitched up the last little bit of the bird body.

For the final touches, I stitched on eyes using contrasting thread, and using the same contrasting thread, I hand stitched the wings and beak. I wanted a rustic look, so that’s the reason for the rough edge and hand stitching. You could use a machine to sew around each wing and beak, but you would need to do that before sewing the body together.

So here’s my little bird—ready to administer first aid! Isn’t he cute? Lil Bit has already tried to steal him to play with him.


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