Menu Planning Monday 2012-07-16 Back to Reality

4:00:00 PM

We truly have enjoyed our week off. We so enjoyed having my husband's parents here. We went to the zoo, and my husband and I had a little getaway in the middle of our vacation to celebrate our anniversary.

But now it's time to get back to the regular day-to-day craziness of work and school (preschool). I'm going to take it a bit easier than normal because it is always tough for the little ones to get back into the regular routine. I'm anticipating at least one temper tantrum during meal time, so we're going for something every evening that I know they will all enjoy.

Monday: Pasta with meat sauce and salad
Tuesday: Steak Sandwiches and corn (using leftover flank steak from this past weekend)
Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner

Thursday: Grilled Cheese, Peas, and Fruit
Friday: Mini Meatloaves, Green Beans, and Biscuits

Saturday: Grilled Hamburgers, Fruit
Sunday: Leftovers or dinner with the family

What recipes do you cook when you anticipate a difficult mealtime with the kiddos? I'd love some suggestions!

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