Friday Fun--Delayed by a Zoo!

8:55:00 PM

This post was delayed. I usually post around midday on Friday. I apologize. I blame a zoo.

I think I've mentioned that this week has been our staycation--my mother- and father-in-law have been here since late Sunday night. We've had a blast! But this morning, we had a little adventure. My husband and his dad left to go golfing. I was feeding the kiddos breakfast and eating my own when I got a call--no golfing today. Okay.

A couple of minutes later, another call. "Did you hear me that we should go to the zoo?"

Um, no. I did not hear that. At all.

Nothing was prepared. Including me--no shower for me yet!

But off we went to the zoo (um, after I showered). And I must say that it was a total blessing to see [again] how much my girls love seeing the animals. Lil Bit loved the reptile house/aquarium. When asked what her favorite animal at the zoo was, she said the iguana!

But the best part was the penguins.


The twins would have watched them for hours. They threw a small fit when we left that part of the bird building. They both spent the time "talking" at the penguins, as if they could understand them. And Sweet Pea kept saying over and over "Wow, wow, wow, wow." Which is really cute when {almost} 15 month old says it.

So of course, Nana and Papa couldn't resist. Two little twin girls came home with stuffed penguins. I'm so glad that we could share that with them. They live so far from us, we really treasure the little things they get to share with our girls!

And Lil Bit came home with a pink tiger.

Yup, PINK. See...

Stay tuned next week for a simple tutorial for making a removable collar for a stuffed animal!!

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