Friday Fun: Birthday Blessings

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Yesterday was my birthday. I didn’t make a very big deal about it. Actually, I just went to work, had a diaper leak on me, made dinner, planned out the next craft project, and hung out with the lovely ladies of my Bible study. You know, a normal day in Architecture of a Mom style! My little family celebrated on the 4th, with my parents coming by my house to hang out for a little while, and my husband and my four-year-old (to whom birthdays are a very big deal, thank-you-very-much) gave me presents and sang happy birthday. My husband knows me well: lots of books were involved in the gift giving, with a coffee travel mug thrown in for good measure! But my favorite present was a beautiful necklace. You see, I’m a necklace girl, I have since I was really young. I feel naked if I don’t have a necklace on. I had dropped some pretty broad hints that I wanted a necklace with all my little ones’ names on it. I did research for him, and sent him links and images of things I liked. He settled on a local woman—who happens to go to our church!—that hand stamps custom jewelry. She has loads of designs, and her website, The Spirit Factory states that if you have a special idea in mind, just email her!

This is the design that I received:

Picture Credit: The Spirit Factory

(Note: this is a picture of the design from The Spirit Factory's facebook page, and not my kids’ names—obviously, since y’all know I have girls!)

I love it because in addition to the names, it has the tag that says, “my blessings.” I think all of us get frustrated with our kids…like when they take their diapers off in the middle of the night (yes, I was greeted by a bare bottom this morning)…or when they just simply won’t obey. But truly, how blessed am I to have 3 little princesses, and how wonderful to have a reminder that they can see. The twins love the necklace—after all, it jingles!—and Lil Bit just adores that she can spell out her name on it! I love having a reminder of my blessings right on my neck. I think we can all use a little reminder of our blessings sometimes.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. In fact, I just posted on her facebook page to tell her I blogged about her product. I just love her work.

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  1. Rachel, I am so honored to have you blog about the necklace I made for you! Thank you so much!!! I have now added YOUR necklace to TheSpiritFactory FB page! Feel free to tag yourself!
    I am adding a link to your blog on my blog!! :-)

    Thank you so much!!