Friday Fun--Anticipating...and cleaning?

8:18:00 AM

In a little over a week, my in-laws are coming to our house for a week!  Now this, in and of itself, is not a cause for alarm—I love my husband’s parents, and they are wonderful houseguests—when Lil Bit was born, they left town while I was still in the hospital—and left my house waaaaay cleaner than it started out!

But right now, my house is a mess. A big BIG mess. Not only do I have a to do list, but I have a to do list for each room in the house, it’s so bad. I just don’t want them to see the house in this state.

But there is someone else in the house (besides my husband!) who just can’t wait to see them. You guessed it—Lil Bit can’t wait to see her Nana and Papa! Last weekend, we explained to her when they would be coming on Friday night. The next morning, she wanted to know if they were coming then—as soon as she got up! And then, right after nap, she asked the same thing. Each time she woke up last weekend, she wanted to know when Nana and Papa are coming….I so love that anticipation. It makes the things that I feel I must do to clean the house a whole lot more fun. I must say that excitement that Lil Bit has over the smallest things is one of my greatest joys.

So that’s what we’ll be doing this weekend—cleaning and anticipating. What do you have planned?

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