A Four Year Old's Room--A Progress Report

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I've been hinting at a redo on my oldest daughter's room. Poor thing, she was moved into what used to be a guest room when I was pregnant with the twins. We made a big deal about it being a big girls room, but really, we moved her stuff in there, hung up a few pieces of art, and called it a day. I mean, check out these before pictures:

Now, as you are looking at all these pictures, keep in mind the rectangular brown plaque that is in both the before and after shots is a name plaque. I photoshopped the name out to protect the innocent...

Anyway, pretty awful, right? Well, one day last winter I went into Home Depot with the little one herself. To occupy her, I made the mistake of giving her some Disney paint samples from Behr. Click here for the image she latched onto.

She kept begging for us to paint her room. So, since this architect mommy has connections, I went to my Sherwin Williams fandeck, picked out some lavenders to purply pinks and ordered some larger paint swatches for her to look at. These are the colors she picked out:

I added to the palette an accent of Valspar Weathered glass, since I had a free sample of it and I knew it went with the above image as well as the music box from the Tinkerbell movie. If you're not familiar with that music box, here is the replica that sits by the little one's bed:

The weathered glass color was used on some of the artwork: the picture frame hairbow holder and the origami butterfly art that I've shared with you over the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, Memorial Day weekend, we broke out the paint brushes and rollers. We also took the opportunity to rearrange the furniture so that the room hopefully functions a little better--there is much more floor space for her to play in this arrangement. This is where the project stands now:

We still have a long way to go. I want to replace her bedlinens, create a valance, give her a bed canopy, and create some more artwork for her room. I am also working on a crocheted blanket to snuggle up in for on top of her bed. But she totally loves the fact that her room is painted. I'm hoping in the next month or so I'll get all of these projects wrapped up for her, so she has a pretty little girl's room! I'd love some comments or thoughts on the project. Here's a side by side before and after shot to see the progress so far:

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into our home!

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  1. Love the color...looks so pretty!

  2. Looking good! Love the purple.

  3. The room is beautiful!! You did such a great job! We are so glad that you linked up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Please join us again!! -The Sisters

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  5. So pretty and perfect for a little girl! I just have boys, so I love seeing these girly color combos. Visiting from Ta-Da Tuesday - thanks!

  6. I have a four-year-old boy and we're still working on pulling his big boy room together. I love the tulip art. Can you tell me more about it?

    1. Jen, I did the tulip art in high school. It is oil pastel on watercolor paper. I used clippings from magazines as a model for the sky and a bulb catalog as a model for the flowers.

  7. Pretty! Love the colors and I bet your little one loves it too! Stopping by from the Best DIY Project of 2012.