Friday Fun--Memorial Day To-Do

11:30:00 AM

This little Friday Fun post isn’t as funny as it is usually. Since it is Memorial Day on Monday for us in the US, We have the day off. So it’s a long weekend—hooray! And for once, we’re staying in town, and we’re trying to get some stuff done. The big project: painting my eldest child’s room. She was moved into what had been the guest room when I was pregnant with the twins, and all we did was move her clothes, hang a couple of pictures on the wall, put a few knick knacks on the table and call it done. She’s been wanting her room decorated for a while, so expect a couple of posts detailing our projects—it should be neat (I hope!). I already shared one project: a picture frame hair accessory holder:

Anyway, a long weekend means a long to-do list, right? Here’s the list so far:

  • Buy paint & mulch at the home improvement store.
  • Paint my girl’s room.
  • Do some art projects for above room.
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Clean house because the hubby is having friends over tonight.
  • Spread mulch.
  • Plant some plants that have been languishing with no home since we bought them.
  • Oh, and adopt a furry pal for the weekend—we’re watching my sister’s dog for them.

When I told my girl to make sure she liked the paint colors Thursday night, she asked, “Are we going to paint the room tonight?”  Hopefully she can wait until it’s done. I’m not sure she realizes how much work it is to paint a room. I’m also hoping she isn’t envisioning helping us. I’m so excited for her, though—isn’t it great when a little one starts taking ownership of their space? Don't you love making a little one feel special?

And what's on your "to-do" list?

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