Fingerless Gloves

6:00:00 AM

My most recent knitting project may seem a little unseasonal. After all, we have had the warmest winter I can recall, and spring has definitely sprung where I live. It's been in the low 80's for several days now. Nevertheless, in many office spaces, it can be pretty chilly in the winter--or in the depths of the summer with super air conditioning. However, I use a computer almost the whole day long, so bundling up in gloves is simply not a realistic option, so enter the fingerless gloves (or armwarmers, or wristwarmers). Of course, now the prevalence of the iPhone and iPod has made it almost necessary to own this accessory if you want to keep warm while controlling your life--I mean making a call or text--with your iPhone. I made a pair several years ago, but my 4 year old has decided that these gloves are the height of fashion for her, as well, and she has commandeered them from me. This is my new pair, freshly finished this week.

This pattern is called Sonja's Fingerless Gloves and is by S. Kempa and is available for free from ravelry. If you crochet or knit, and you haven't heard of ravelry, you should check it out. It is a huge resource of patterns.

If you decide to work this pattern, be warned; it was originally written in German, so the English version is a little odd. Also, be aware that her yarn overs do not include the knit stitch afterward that many English patterns assume.

And now I can keep my hands warm while I work on the computer or iPhone!

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