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As I've mentioned before, I always need to be doing something. With three little ones, usually that isn't a problem (can anyone say, "perpetual piles of laundry?") but once the kids are in bed, and it's time to watch a tv show and unwind with the husband, well, I want to find something to do with my hands that does't require a huge amount of thought and concentration. That is when I turn to knitting.

My most recent project was a little baby blanket for my coworker and his wife. The are expecting a little girl in April. They were kind enough to take pictures of the baby blanket in its present location in the nursery. Keep in mind that both mom and dad are in architecture, so they took every opportunity to decorate this little girl's room in the sweetest way. I love the color combination--definitely not traditional, but still so lovely! They have a older home with larger bedrooms, so they had a great opportunity to have more furniture, like the sweet loveseat that they've arranged the blanket on! I love their room, and I'm so glad that the blanket fits in to the space.

Here are a few images of the sweet little nursery:

The technique that I used for this blanket is based off a pattern in the book The Yarn Girls' Guide to Kid Knits by Julie Carles and Jordana Jacobs. (I highly recommend their books, by the way.) I din't use the pattern exactly, but I basically took the concept: knit with 4 strands at a time with BIG knitting needles. Size 17, to be exact. These are needle the size of my forefinger, folks, but combined with knitting several strands at a time, the blanket knits up very quickly. And since I have about 30 minute to an hour of "free" time a night, quick is good. Knitting with several strands at a time also gives a cool effect when you mix colors: for this project I used peach, yellow, and two strands of white. Basically, I just went back and forth in garter stitch, but this blanket is intended to be used in a car seat, so it's smaller than the pattern on which it was based. I also gave it my own spin for the finishing: those pompoms are my own twist!

Picture acknowledgements: all images in this post were taken by Kevin R. Thanks Kevin!
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  1. I love the pom poms! The colors are fabulous and your co-worker has the cutest nursery! Thanks for sharing!