How to make your own baby wipes

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Having a baby is expensive. Having more than one at once can get very expensive. Making your own baby wipes is one was to save money. In addition to saving money, I have some friends who swear that changing to the homemade wipes stopped repeated diaper rashes. It is nice to know what is going into your wipes, and you can tweak the wipe recipe based on the kind of baby wash you use to be more to get the scent or level of sensitivity desired. My thanks to Jennifer, Amanda and Katherine, my friends who introduced me to the concept of homemade baby wipes. My recipe is based off the instructions they gave me!

There are many homemade baby wipe recipes out on the web. I've looked at quite a few of them, and mine is similar. However, I don't bother with exact measurements. Trust me, it will turn out all right!

You most likely have pretty much everything you need to make these wipes in your home already. The one item that is a bit out of the ordinary is an airtight container that has the capacity to hold one half of a jumbo roll of paper towels. I use a square OXO Tot container, but I have also seen various canisters used.

Other items that you need: a liquid measuring cup, the paper towels, a bread knife, hot tap water, baby wash, and baby oil. That's it!

Take the roll of paper towels and cut it in half with the bread knife so that you end up with two rolls of paper towels, each approximately the same size. I recommend the jumbo size with the select-a-size sheets--your wipes will end up about the right size. You can use other types as well, but keep in mind if you don't use the jumbo size roll you may wish to lessen the amount of liquid. Put one half roll into your container with the raw, cut end facing up. Save the other half-roll for the next time you make wipes

Put a long squirt (approximately 1 tablespoon) or baby oil into your measuring cup. Put two to three squirts (2-3 tablespoons) of baby wash. Run your tap off hot and put 1 1/2 cups of water on top of the oil and wash. Then pour the whole mixture on top of the half roll in your container. Close the container. Wait 30 minutes or more. Take the roll out, turn it upside down so that the factory edge is up. Pull the cardboard roll out of the center. You will be able to pull the wipes out of the center of the roll now.

If the wipes are too dry for your liking, add a little more warm water. My husband likes the wipes less wet than I do, so I try to cater to his preference.

A word of caution. Because there aren't the preservatives in $1. Enjoy!

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