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Have you ever wondered about architecture and interior design trends? What make them happen? What's the next big thing? There is a whole industry within the design industry that tries to predict what's going to be the next big thing. It's pretty fascinating - color choices that are dictated by the economy, the relationship of fashion to home design, and on and on.

Even though I design buildings for a living, I am not going to claim I can see the future in design, but what I can tell you is that every week, I see evidence of several trends. Are they on the way in? On the way out? I'll let you decide.

These trends were scene in the wild this week (in other words, the linky party that I am a co-host for).

Large Scale Art
Country Chic Cottage's large scale sports mural is a perfect example of this. We all seem to be on the lookout to have large art without paying a huge amount of money.

Farmhouse Chic
You may have seen a bit of farmhouse chic around the internet (or on your TV) lately. Lolly Jane's Farmhouse Chic Dining Room Shelves are a perfect example of this - neutral, chippy, and way cool.

I have to say that I love repurposing projects. Taking a piece of furniture (or anything else) and making it into something new and beautiful makes my heart sing and keeps one more item out of a landfill. Grandma's House DIY used some paint and elbow grease to convert an old radio into a kitchen island! How cool!

Bold Geometry
Sometimes simple doesn't mean plain. Large scale geometry looks amazing, especially in high-contrast colors like what's found in the Glue Sticks Blog's Gingham Quilt.

What are some decor trends that you're seeing?

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These lovely ladies join forces with me once a week to feature you!

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Here's the party - link up!

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