Gilded Nightstand Makeover

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Remember how I started working on the twins' bedroom last month? I haven't made nearly as much progress as I'd like, but I'm happy to say that this weekend I wrapped up another part of the room. They are quick to point out that I took their nightstands back when I redid my office to be the base of my desk.  So yes, it's been over a year since they had nightstand in their room.

However, I had a good excuse! I just couldn't find another nightstand I liked, that would fit into the space in their room, and look good, too. But then I finally stumbled across this little table at a yard sale. I knew we could make it work!

All it took was a little bit of love (and some paint)!
Here's what I used (affiliate links included for your convenience):
Fine grit sandpaper
Various paintbrushes and wax brushes

First, I painted the whole cabinet in cobblestone, a gray paint. After that first coat, I lightly sanded the whole piece. I put a second coat of the gray on the inside. Then I did several coats of the white adirondack on the outside until I got good coverage, allowing to dr and sanding between coats. I then used the clear wax all over. Then I used the sandpaper to distress the edges. I used a fine paintbrush to paint the recessed design with the metallic lustre.

After the metallic lustre paint was completely dry, I did a final coat of the clear wax and then buffed it with a rag.

The twins can't complain any more about their nightstands! The definitely got the better end of this deal! Enjoy!

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