The Twins Room: The Before

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Ya'll are probably wondering what's up with the Saturday post, and why I haven't been around much this week. I've had my hands full with lots of fun stuff! My twin daughters share a room. This room literally hasn't been updated since right after we move in and decorated  this room as a nursery for a baby that we didn't know was a boy or a girl. I went with a Classic Pooh scheme and painted the room a Winnie the Pooh yellow....and that's how it stayed. Oh, we change out the cribs for a bed and found more storage for 2 little girls, but really, it's the same room as almost 9 years ago.

I decided to join Thrift Diving's Make it Happen March challenge to get my rear in gear and get this room to fit the two vibrant little girls that now call that room theirs!

Here's what it looks like:

In the nook at the entrance to the room, you can see just a corner of the hair accessory organizer that I made them and their sister last year. That will be staying.

And do you see how lovely the bed is? I'm thinking we're going to keep that neutral with pops of colors in the accessories, so hopefully they will grow with the room.

To the right of the entrance are the dressers. We definitely need to figure out toy storage (all that stuff is supposed to be in the blue and pink tubs to the right of the entry.

They want a Frozen themed room. I'm willing to have a little bit of this show up in the artwork (much) of which they already have, but this also gives a lot of flexibility in the colors in the room...since one likes Elsa and one likes Anna. In fact, the colors are probably going to resemble rainbow sherbert but mostly just stay in the accessories.

Here's what I want to accomplish in this room:
  • Clean up and organize!! Especially the shoes. They have so. many. shoes.

  • Create some artwork...some of which is Frozen themed, some of which reflects their personalities.
  • Make them new pillows. They've torn up the tie dyed ones I made them.
  • Find a new nightstand and hopefully get rid of the white dresser. I built it right after college (cheap pine and pressbord affair that is falling apart).
  • Find a mirror for them, and hang it so they can see it. We have a lot of preening that happens in this house.
  • Create some kind of window treatments. The bamboo blinds have seen some abuse, and they really need something to block out more light.
  • I would love to give them a new light. I don't know if this is going to be possible, though.
I hope you've enjoyed looking at the state my home gets in. Even bloggers have rooms that don't get touched for years and years. Here's hoping that I can get a lot of stuff done in this room!!

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