Gift Ideas for Girls 4-8

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You all know that I have 3 little girls, right? I love them dearly, but I sometimes get stumped on what to give them for Christmas and birthday...and I'm responsible for coming up with ideas and gifts lists for extended family, too. I have the added complexity that one child has a birthday near Christmas, and the other two are what do you do? Have double the Christmas list? Say no to gifts? Although I am tempted sometimes to say no to gifts, I will settle for gifts that I am confident they will keep playing with for a long time. Here's a few ideas we've found as a family.

Oh, and just so you know, every single one of these items are either really on my girls' lists this year, or they own them and love them. I've provided amazon affiliate links  and images for your convenience.

Building and Crafting:

I have some issues about the "pinking up" of the lego aisle, but the fact remains that my girls love the Lego friends and now the Lego Elves. They have had hours of pretend play after the sets have been put together!

Although we have had a bit of experience with legos and sets, I'm hoping my girls will branch out and create their own masterpieces in legos! I hope that this idea book will jump start their imaginations.

My girls love coloring and jewelry. Combine the two together and you have shrinky dinks! My oldest daughter had a set a while back, and this year, she has her sights set on these ballerina trinkets. Coloring, jewelry, and ballerinas...I think it's a little girl trifecta!

These crafts are a lot of fun and helps girls with their fine motor skills, too. I'm kind of hoping my girls gain some important crafting skills from these kits (sewing, etc).

My oldest isn't quite ready to learn to knit, but she really wants to learn to make scarfs and things like that. This seems to be the next best thing! She can't wait to try it.

I don't know if your girls love magic wands, but my girls love them - and they love the idea of making their own personalized wands!

Books and Movies:

If you haven't seen this movie and you have little girls, I think you will love it. It is rated PG for thematic elements (mean girls, anyone?) But nothing that goes beyond the original Disney story line. This was the first movie ever that we watched in a movie theatre and had no bathroom breaks – the girls were all mesmerized by it. Even my husband loved it. It has a beautiful theme – have courage and be kind – and beautiful imagery.

Does your girl like Tinkerbell but she's ready for something a little more grown up than the movies? This book series is the next step! What would happen if some girls accidentally were transported to Neverland? That's what this

Madeline book series and tv series

The twins love these books and the tv series. I love how they are picking up some French though it. My oldest loves reading the books to her sisters, too. I can practically recite some of them..."In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines..." I also have fond memories of this book from my childhood.


My girls have started to be really interested in games. And now that I don't have to worry (I hope) about them putting marbles in their mouths, I can't wait to introduce them to this classic!

This looks like an amazingly fun puzzle game that helps with spatial reasoning. This mama may be borrowing it!

My girls love hidden picture books, so I think they will love this hidden picture game.

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