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One of the amazing things I get to do because I am a design professional is interact with manufacturers of stuff that we use or are surrounded with every day. Like paint, for example....most of the walls we see throughout our day have paint on them. And I know I've often wished I could have the job of coming up with paint names. A few weeks ago, I had an amazing opportunity to interact with staff from Sherwin Williams at their Colormix 2016 event and listen to Jackie Jordan. 

Although I don't think she gets name the colors, Jackie is Sherwin Williams' expert on color trends and it was amazing to not only discover the trends for 2016 but also hear the concepts that informed them! Do you want to know how that worked?

There are 4 different themes for this coming year. Pura Vida, Mas Amor Por Favor, Nouveau Narrative, and Trajectory.

Pura vida embraces comfort and purity, elemental and natural...simplicity in design and in life. 

Think basic, light, soft and fluffy, but simple. Clean living and holistic healing also comes to mind. This color concept is pale, yet warm and comforting, with lots of texture and layering.  Some people who informed this concept is Ariana Huffington and Peter Scialla. Other word images used to describe this concept are:
Slow lifestyle movement
Kinfolk magazine
Simplicity in design
Softer side
Defying gravity
Non fussy attention to detail
Rose gold
Bleached neutrals

Mas amor por favor embraces the social – social change, social media, social gathering. 

It is playful, but with meaning—it's very personal. There's also a retro (sixties) vibe, but it's eclectic, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational. Dramatic, playful, happy, indulgent colors are a part of this concept. This concept embraces the optimism coming out of the great recession.
Local meaningful exchanges
Communal living
Responsible me
Pay it forward
Garden party
Marry me personal approach in weddings
Kenneth cole look good for good campaign
Ygor marotta
Lennar homes multi generational living definitely a trend
Blogging community

The Noveau Narrative embraces the new industrial revolution that has come in America with the modern maker movement. 

It embraces locally made small batch artisan work. Think denim, things built to last, and built by hand in the USA. Some other things and people who informed this color concept are:
Pop up shops
Vintage/thrift stores
Retail/artisan collaborations
She makes it
Phil Cooley ponyride
Francois Chambard UM project
Makerversity in london
Silvia song
Fritz baumann

Trajectory is all about the future, and the wonder we have in science and technology. 

This trend embraces metallics, high gloss, and even phosphorescent materials. This color concept is intended to be mysterious and extreme. Some other ideas and people that informed this concept are:
Immersive reality
Carbon nanotube technology
Natsai Audrey
Perspective & scale manipulation
3d printing

What do you think of these trends? Spot on? Or are they just another shot in the dark as designers try to tell the future in interior design? Do you like any of these concepts? I'd love to hear what you think!

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