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Do you go on conferences? I've been to a couple of conferences for my "day job" and now I've got a couple of blog conferences under my belt. I'm starting to get a feel for what I need on hand while I'm attending the conference. I'm not talking about what to pack. I still overpack my suitcase, probably. What I'm talking about it the things you want to have on hand in your bag as you're attending sessions or walking through the vendors' displays. You want the necessities on hand without weighing you down. I call this my conference survival kit, and I've broken it down into two self contained packages – a "meet and greet" kit and a "health and wellness kit" There's some overlap, and with a few exceptions, you can put these items into a couple of smaller bags within a larger purse and be ready to take on the day without stopping back by your hotel room.

Here's what I thought were necessities:

Meet & Greet Conference Survival Kit

Phone/Camera – to snag pictures of great ideas, photos of your new friends, or just to call home and make sure the kids have survived another day.
Pens - have more than one so you  can color code or share with a friend
Notebook – a small one that will fit in your purse so you can take notes
Business card holder – I'm partial to my handmade ones
Holepunch/binder ring – this is so you can organize the business cards you receive from others
Hand sanitizer – so you can get rid of germs after shaking so many hands
Mints – you want to make a good impression, right?
Lipstick charger – so you can charge your phone without trying to find an outlet

Health & Welfare Conference Survival Kit

Bandaids – so that you can survive those cute shoes you're wearing – or make a friend for life when you're a good Samaritan
Chaptick – I'm never without it
Tissues – they come in handle for all kinds of messes
Nail polish and nail file – in case you have a snagged nail or a run in your stockings
Waterbottle – to stay hydrated
Snack – to keep your energy up
Medication: Ibuprofen (I get headaches when I'm trying to cram as much information in my head as possible on little sleep), and others as you require

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