How to make a Tasselled Pillow Cover

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Want to know a secret?

My favorite color is purple. And it's nowhere to be found in my house, except in my home, except in my eldest's room—and that was her choice.

I struggle with loving purple. I tend to go the "safe" route with colors, going fairly neutral with only pops of color. But very rarely purple.  Maybe it's because I also struggle with self-confidence, and rather than taking chances, I would rather go with what makes everyone else happy. But I had a revelation the other day. This is my house. Mine, and my husband's. And no one lives here except for me, my husband, and my girls...and the cats...can cats see purple? Anyway, I love purple. My girls all like purple (although pink is a first choice). My husband's favorite color is blue, but he doesn't mind purple in small doses.

So why can't I have purple? And a fun tasselled pillow?

This is my first step into having a little purple in my (home). This little envelope pillow cover was created with a fabric scrap from my grandma and some homemade tassels. I'm loving the tassels I'm seeing everywhere in home decor, aren't you?

Anyway, from start to finish, this project can be done in a nap time. If you can sew a straight line, you can do this project.

Your fabric should be a rectangle about 2 inches wider than your pillow insert, and should overlap at least a couple of inches in length when you wrap it around the pillow insert. Hem the edge that will be the top flap of your pillow cover. I used the selvage edge for the inside edge under the envelope "flap" so I didn't have to hem that up, but if your fabric doesn't allow this, just hem that edge too. Make the hem as small as you feel comfortable with sewing.

Fold the fabric with the hemmed edge inside, like a simple envelope, right side of the fabric facing in. Your "flaps" will overlap a couple of inches. Sew up the side, making sure that your pillow insert will fit inside.

Snip the corners—this will help your corners look right when you turn it right side out. 

Turn the pillow cover right side out and make sure that your pillow insert fits. Then take the insert back out.

Make your tassels like this: wrap the thread of your choice—you will want heavy crewel type thread or lightweight yarn—around your fingers 20 full times. 

Tie a string around the strings at the top. Cut the bottom. 

Wrap string around the tassel and tie. 

Use a craft needle to insert the two ends of the top string into the corner of your pillow.

Then wonder why you haven't used tassels...or purple...before!

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