Do You Want to Build a Snowball?

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Do you suddenly have children who are fascinated with all things winter, courtesy of everyone's favorite movie, Frozen? My children take it so far that they get excited to go down the frozen food aisle at the grocery store because there are icicles and snowflakes everywhere ("It's like Elsa's been here, Mommy!") So when I suggested that we make some Frozen inspired decor to mesh with our Christmas decor, everyone was on board. you want to build a snowball?

This is a super easy project. You need 6" tulle, thread, scissors and something to wrap the tulle around. You can use whatever is on hand that is a couple of inches wide or so. I personally used my iphone case...because I was on vacation and used what I had.

Wrap the tulle around the item about 20 full rounds.

Cut the tulle on either side. Cut in half so that you have 2 stacks of squares. Stack them together.

Tie around the middle of the stack with thread.

Leave a long tail of thread on one side so you can hang your snowflake, if you desire. Then fluff your snowball!

Hang up your snowball, or have an indoor snowball fight. I found the perfect spot for mine--my "Frozen" mantel--coming next week!

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