Washi Tape Wooden "Book" Box

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A couple of months ago, I was perusing a Martha Stewart Living and found a tutorial to paint wooden boxes that look like books. Intrigued, I found those little boxes on Amazon and bought a couple. And since I am determined to get our house less cluttered and more usable (and more beautiful, but not perfect), I thought that Lil Bit could use some storage boxes in her room that were small and enclosed.

So we sat down one evening to figure out how to decorate her boxes. I hit on the idea of using washi tape. When a local Office Max closed recently, I scored a whole lot of washi tape and duck tape minis--for $.05 each. Yes, I know all of you are jealous.

But since I had a bunch of rolls lying about, and one of those rolls happened to be Tinkerbell themed (perfect for a fairy themed room), I thought this would be a perfect and easy project.

All you need is a wooden box that looks like a book, washi tape (or decorative duct tape), an xacto blade, and mod podge.

You ready for a crazy easy tutorial? Apply the washi tape as you like. Make sure that you extend the tape beyond where you want it to be on the finished product.

Trim the tape back to where you want it. Mod podge the whole thing to seal the tape down.

And then, all that's left is to enjoy your "secret" storage.

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