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Disclosure - I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign for Plaid and Blueprint Social. 

Hi folks! I am always super excited when I get to play with new craft products. And Mod Podge/Plaid has come out with a lightweight medium that's called Mod Podge Collage Clay —it's a lightweight clay that looks a lot like (non-edible) frosting—and is perfect for the Japanese art of decoden, 3D collage, and creating dimension--just like this elegant hairband.

Haven't heard of decoden? Well, it's the art of super decorating your cell phone case—and just about anything else. The collage clay allows you to apply found items—buttons, jewels—or made items, such as Mod Melt shapes to pretty much any surface. Oh, and did I mention that Plaid has also come out with loads more colors for their Mod Melts (glitter, metallics, neons, and brights) and more molds, too? I love using Mod Melts to create custom embellishments and I love that you don't have paint them any more. All these new products should be available at your local Michael's craft store. Oh, and if you want to win a huge package of Collage Clay and Mod Melt goodies, check out the contest at the end of this post!

You may be saying...not sure about that  over the top, super decorated look that is decoden. You like things simple, or a little dressed up. Well, Collage Clay and Mod Melts work for that taste, too. I took a simple and cheap—a jelly headband from the dollar store—and dressed it up to an elegant headband! You will not believe how easy it is to make this.

Here's what you need:
Jelly head band
Vanilla White Collage Clay 
Gold Mod Melts from the Metallic Mod Melts Pack
Mystical Forest Mod Melt Mold
Glue Gun
Small scissors or craft knife

First, you need to take your Mod Melt mold and Mod Melt Sticks. I love how the gold seemed to already have a patina. 

Fill the molds of the leaves and stem molds. You'll need a lot of these. They only take a few minutes to cool each time. Touch the bottom of the mold, and if you don't feel any heat, they are ready to pop out.

Once you have enough leaves to cover your entire hairband, you need to trim them. You'll have strings and overflows from the Mod Melts. Just trim them with scissors or a craft knife.

And then you're ready for some decoden magic!! Each bag of Collage Clay comes with a set of tips: a star tip, a round tip (perfect for writing!) and a ribbon tip, which is what I used for this project.

Basically, you just apply the Collage Clay to your surface. In my case, my jelly hairband. It's simple: just squeeze it on like it's icing.

And then, simply press the leaves into the collage clay. I alternated between the two mirror image leaf branches. Then, the collage clay needs to dry at least for 24 hours. I placed my hairband on a rolled up piece of chipboard to dry so that the Collage Clay didn't get disturbed. 

And once it was dry, I just trimmed up any odd shapes made by the Collage Clay with a craft blade, and I was done! I had a lovely hair accessory! I love how lightweight and flexible the Collage Clay is and how it sets off the gold in the leaves!

And I love how it looks more when it's in hair!

Keep in mind, because this stuff looks like icing, Collage Clay is not recommended for children ages 12 and under, and the product is not edible. Small parts are a choking hazard for children.

Do you want more decoden and Collage Clay inspiration? You can click on this image to find out more!

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Disclosure - I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign for Plaid and Blueprint Social. All opinions on Mod Melts and Collage Clay are 100% my own.

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